ADR Packaging Certification, ADR Certification

ADR Packaging Certification

Hazardous substances or other expensive items must be packed in closed and safe boxes/containers. These boxes or containers must not be able to be squeezed out easily or got leaked with normal movement. Packaging varies from product to product, however, all dangerous goods must be packed as per UN approved regulations. Packaging must contain testing details, date of production, date of expiry, shipment details etc (mostly in bar code format).

Packaging Design Approval Process

  • Can contain net mass up to or more than 400 KG.
  • Must not exceed the capacity of 450 Liter.
  • Must not have multiple gasses in one container.
  • Must not have different dangerous goods types in one container.
  • Must not contain radioactive material

Packaging gets a proper code which is based upon the contents being transported and container's construction features. After classification of the goods (danger or fragile level), specific tests are performed before allowing the dangerous goods to be packaged. This classification can be explained as follows.

  1. Most Dangerous Goods
  2. Moderate Dangerous Goods
  3. Less Dangerous Goods

TSEN / ISO 16104 and TSEN / ISO 16106 provides detailed regulations and procedures to perform tests. These tests can be as following:

  • Dropping test
  • Firmness test
  • Hydraulic test
  • Stacking test
  • Chemical compatibility test
  • Liquid absorption test
  • Permeability test

After successfully passing all of the tests, Design approval certification can be issued for up to 5 years.