ADR Superstructure Type Approval, ADR Certification

ADR Superstructure Type Approval

Tank storage group is known as many names in ADR Agreement. For the approval process, it is extremely important for manufacturers to prioritize tank design and determine its type while following the ADR Clause. ADR Tanks transporting dangerous goods should be designed as per UN code and EN Standards.

Common fixed structured tanks, their design, manufacturing and testing are assessed by relevant authorities under ADR section 6.8. Tank codes are assigned based on provided information i.e. hazardous material being carried, pressure bearing durability, design and material of equipment. These codes are as follows:

  • TS EN 13094 - fuel tankers under 0.5 bar level.
  • TS EN 12493 - LNG tankers.
  • TS EN 13530-2 & TS EN 14398-2 - vacuum insulated cryogenic tanks
  • TS EN 14025 - other tankers.

Tank approval process must meet the following documentation

  • Tank Registration
  • Repairing and maintenance record
  • WPS or PQR documentation
  • NDT Personnel certification
  • Welders certification

Approved ADR Tanks Types are mandatory for inspection on timely basis (3-6 years time span).