ADR Vehicle Type Approval, ADR Certification

ADR Vehicle Type Approval

In 1957, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe presented a European Agreement regarding the movement of international carriage carrying dangerous goods (chemicals, fragile or costly hardware etc) by road. In European countries a test is carried out on vehicles carrying dangerous goods and is called "Carriage of Dangerous Goods (CDG) Test".

ADR Type approval is to ensure that design of sample product/production meets the predefined performance standards. After proper audit and testing the product/production is approved. Independent authorized body does the inspection, audit, certification and product conformity assessment for UN Regulations or Automotive EC Directives. These independent approval bodies are appointed by the State and are authorized to issue certification or approvals and provide technical services to carry out testing as per the directives and regulations.

ADR Objectives

  • Securing international transport
  • Classification of dangerous goods as per their hazardous affect
  • Construction of secure and solid vehicles to carry dangerous goods

ADR Vehicle Type Approval Procedure

  • Inspection and Audit
    Provision of technical services, controlling and inspection of infrastructure according to manufacturers informational documents and ECE R-105. Following is the classification of dangerous substances specified by the manufacturers.
    1. Vehicles carrying explosive are classified as EX II and EX III.
    2. Vehicles carrying liquids and gasses where ignition point is not higher than 61 °C are classified as FL.
    3. Vehicles carrying hydrogen peroxide or more than 60% hydrogen peroxide solutions are classified as OX.
    4. Vehicles carrying liquid that doesn't fit in "FL" and "OX" category and is upto or more than 3000 liters are classified as AT.
  • Electrical installations
    Electrical components (lights, boards, switches, cables etc) must be ADR Certified.
  • Brake Assembly
    Brake system and devices included in breaking system must be as per ECE Regulations
  • Fire hazard protection
    Vehicle must have passed fire resistance testing
  • Heating Equipment
    Safety or protective covers for heating devices and exhaust systems must prevent damage form over heating.
  • Speed Limiting
    Vehicles must have their speed limit as per their weight carrying capacity and ECE Regulations.
  • Coupling
    Coupling instruments must be as per ECE R-55 specification.

ADR Conformity Certificate (T9 Certification)

ADR Conformity Certificate or T9 certification is issued by the state authorized authorities for the vehicles carrying out dangerous goods. T9 certification is issued on behalf of vehicles owners or manufacturers. This certification meets the compliance and regulations for vehicle brakes, drive line, electric system, tanks storage, chassis and other mechanical parts. Period of certification is "One Year" and can be renewed or cancelled based on inspection and audits.