Welding System Certification, ADR Certification

Welding System Certification

Fabricated welding is a manufacturing process being used in most of the industrial production units. These welded products and their manufacturers must be certified as per international standards and meet the quality assurance. TS EN / ISO 3834-2 is a standard for fabricated welding and provided guidance for manufacturers to ensure the quality and reliability of the final product.

Following controls need to be applied during the development process:

  • Selection of raw material
  • Selection of consumable supplies
  • Trained and professional welders
  • Determining welding method as per the infrastructure type (i.e. gas welding, rod welding etc)
  • Durability of welded structure
  • Product quality checks by using non-destructive testing methods.

ISO Standards for fusion welding of metallic materials:

  • TS EN / ISO 3834-1
  • TS EN / ISO 3834-2
  • TS EN / ISO 3834-3
  • TS EN / ISO 3834-4
  • TS EN / ISO 3834-5