ISO 22316, Organizational Resilience, Continuity, Resilience & Recovery, ISO 22316:2017

ISO 22316 - Organizational Resilience

ISO 22316:2017 helps organizations to enhance their Organizational Resilience. This standard is not limited to a specific business sector or type of organization. The organization can be off any size and any type.

The ability of an organization to endure incidents and adapt as per the upcoming challenges is known as "Organizational Resilience". ISO 22316:2017 helps the organization to keep delivering its core services, survive in the time of crisis and prosper by tackling issues. The more resilient an organization is, the more are the chances of its success. Resilient organizations seek opportunities during crisis, can manage incidents efficiently and can endure the internal and external pressure

Good Business Practices (GPL) and efficient risk management makes organizations more resilient which helps them to respond proactively to incidents.

Dependencies of ISO 22316:2017:

  • Clear vision and objectives
  • Understanding or Organizational Context
  • Incidents Absorbing ability
  • Adaptation as per the market changes
  • Proactively and Efficient response to challenges and changes
  • Good Business Practices and Transparent Management
  • Leadership, Skills and Experience
  • Better communication between managerial disciplines and technical expertise
  • Effective risk management skills