ISO 27799, ISO 27799:2016, Information Security Management in Healthcare, ISMH

ISO 27799 - Information Security Management in Healthcare (ISMH)

ISO 27799:2016 - Information Security Management in Healthcare (ISMH) guides organizations to improve their organizational information security standards and take full advantage from them. It also promotes information security management practices i.e. selection process, implementation and management of information security risk assessment tools.

In order to effectively manage healthcare information security, ISO 27799 takes into consideration the controls and practices mentioned in ISO/IEC 27002 Standard. With the help of ISMH, healthcare organizations can develop such security management system which ensures the confidentiality, integrity and on-demand availability of personal healthcare information based on organizational structure and circumstances. ISO 27799 is applicable to all aspects of healthcare information i.e. from gathering initial information to advanced analysis of the data.

Benefits of ISO 27799:2016

  • Effective implementation of Information Security Management System in healthcare industry
  • In-depth understanding of information security controls and their relationships with each other i.e. responsibilities, strategies, acquisition, efficiency and general human relations.
  • Improved skills for the better management and proper usage of ISO 27799 in healthcare industry.
  • Gaining the competency skills to perform risk assessment in healthcare organization.
  • Enhanced protection of patient's personal and confidential data.