Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training, Organizational Excellence

DevOps Leadership (DOL)®

Course Overview

Earn your DevOps Leadership (DOL) certification in Jeddah, Dammam & Riyadh Saudi Arabia with this fully accredited PeopleCert course! By the end of this course, students will have gained a number of tangible skills to help them spearhead the cultural transformations which are such a critical success factor in utilizing DevOps. They will also be fully prepared for the DevOps Leadership (DOL) exam, allowing them to earn a valuable higher DevOps certification.

Course Outline

  • Course Introduction
    • Course Goals
    • Course Agenda
  • Module 1: DevOps and Transformational Leadership
    • Current Definitions of DevOps
    • Benefits of DevOps
    • Transformational Leadership
  • Module 2: Unlearning Behaviors
    • Psychological Safety and Neuroscience
    • Mindset, Mental Models and Cognitive Bias
    • Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and DevOps
  • Module 3: Becoming a DevOps Organization
    • How DevOps Differs
    • DevOps Kaizen
    • Building Safety In
  • Module 4: Measure to Learn
    • Avoiding Measure to Target
    • Creating a Current Value Stream Map
  • Module 5: Measure to Improve
    • The Improvement Kata and Experiments
    • Creating a Future Value Stream Map
  • Module 6: Target Operating Models and Organizational Design
    • Conway's Law
    • DevOps TOM Design Principles
  • Module 7: Articulating and Socializing Vision
    • Organizational Change in Large Enterprises
    • Empowering People
    • Broadcasting Outside of Your Organization
  • Module 8: Maintaining Energy and Momentum
    • The DevOps Business Case
    • Culture and Climate
    • A High-Trust Culture
  • Additional Sources of Information

Exam Preparations

• Exam Requirements, Question Weighting, and Terminology List

• Sample Exam Review


Participants should have baseline knowledge and understanding of common DevOps definitions and principles.