General Data Protection Regulation Training - GDPR, Governance, Risk & Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation Training (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) substantially changes the perspective of personal information and it's usage in business applications/procedures. This regulation enforces stronger and reliable data protection mechanism for organizations which are working in European Union or dealing with the personal information of European Citizens. Therefore, such organization must have General Data Protection Regulation trained personnel (or person) who can understand the requirements of an effective "General Data Protection Regulation" and can implement and maintain it properly.

GDPR provides protection and confidentiality to personal information of employees and customers. If an organization fails to comply with this regulation, then it will pay huge fine (up to 2%-4% of it's annual turnover) and heavy damage to it's reputation. This regulations considers the personal data as critical and sensitive information and helps organizations to adopt appropriate procedures and controls to prevent data breach.

For any modern organization, Information Security Management is off significant importance. It protects sensitive data from prying eyes, misuse, unauthorized access and permanent loss. Therefore, organizations need to adopt such measures and controls that can help them to eliminate information security threats while complying with General Data Protection Regulations.

Benefits of the General Data Protection Regulation Training

  • Keeps organization's good reputation protected
  • Lowers the security related incidents ratio
  • Helps winning customer's trust
  • Helps gaining new customers
  • Secure but easy access for authorized personnel to personnel information
  • Ensures strongly that rules are being followed