ISO 20121, ISO 20121:2012, Event Sustainability Management System, Health Safety & Environment, ESMS

ISO 20121 - Event Sustainability Management System (ESMS)

ISO 20121 - Event Sustainability Management System standard helps organizations to organize their events in a proper way to integrate sustainability. These events can be seminars, training sessions, business expo, official get-together or even some hospitality functions.

ISO 2012 (ESMS) has replaced BS 8901 (British Standard for events sustainability) and is more flexible and comprehensive. It puts sustainability and consistency first during any type of event management.

This standard maximizes performance, is energy efficient, minimizes event's impact on environment and community. ISO 20121:2012 uses Deming's Cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act). Deming's Cycle is also used in manufacturing industry for improving quality.

Benefits of Event Sustainability Management System (ESMS)

  • Lower Cost, Higher Profit
  • Effective risk management
  • Better relationships with third parties, increase in sale
  • Transparent strategy and clarity of purpose generates energy in workforce.
  • Integrated management, stronger teamwork
  • Improved planning and events' delivery
  • Improved levels of efficiency and performance
  • Role based tasks for all participants including third parties
  • Efficient energy management, better resource usage
  • Integration with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for further advancements