RC 14001, Responsible Care / SQAS (GPCA), Health Safety & Environment

RC 14001 - Responsible Care / SQAS (GPCA)

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) took the initiative in order to implement Environment, health, safety, security and environment friendly standard in organizations. This initiative is called Responsible Care - RC 14001 / SQAS (GPCA) and is not only mandatory in United States but for the members and partners of the American Chemistry Council (ACC).

This ISO Standard helps companies to retain themselves as environment friendly while improving health, safety and security of personnel and instruments/infrastructure.

We at Cesium Company, ensure our clients industry proven best practices for their labs, organizations regarding Responsible Care.

Our trainers have undergone ACC approved training courses and have excellent experience of on-job evaluations to meet the RC requirements. We have an experienced team of professionals who excels in certification of Responsible Care 14001 / SQAS (GPCA) and Responsible Care Management System.


Add Responsible Care activities (RC 14001) advantages to your organization. It will enable your lab to go beyond the scope of Environment, occupational Health, Safety measures, Security, community awareness, defined roles and responsibilities, planning and goal settings, policy making and performance improvement.

Procedure to Follow:

  • Register Online via our Training Program or download registration form from here.
  • Contract signing between Cesium Company and Client (You the company or individual)
  • Revision of Submitted Documents
  • Audit Team Assemble
  • On-Site inspection and review
  • Certificate Audit and Notification of Certification (3rd Party)
  • Surveillance Audit, 3rd Party audit and review
  • Reassessment