ISO/IEC 27034, ISO 27034, ISO 27034-1, ISO/IEC 27034-5:2017, Application Security, Information Security Management

ISO/IEC 27034 - Application Security (ISO 27034)

The ISO/IEC 27034 Standard provides a streamlined approach for the implementation of security ideology, standards, roles and processes for securing applications. Application Security is an internationally accepted framework which guides organizations how to protect their applications. These applications can be customized software, pre-built packages acquired from third parties or tools from some outsourced company.

This standard ensures that optimal security parameters are being met within the organization. It provides methodological approach for securing applications. ISO 27034 can identify the security issues in organization and vulnerabilities in software/applications. It also provides solid solutions and remedies to overcome the identified issues.

Usage of ISO/IEC 27034 - Application Security

  • Financial software developers
  • Healthcare software developers
  • Content Management System (CMS) developers
  • Defense Sector
  • Medical Devices Manufacturers
  • Industrial Controls

Benefits of ISO 27034

  • In-depth overview of ISO 27034 framework
  • Compatibility with other standards and practices
  • Usage of the proven technology, concepts and practices withing the organization.
  • Efficiently manage application security projects.
  • Assigning and understanding roles of different stakeholders for the implementation of security
  • Provides a competitive edge over non accredited software houses.