ISO/IEC 27035, ISO 27035, ISO 27035-1, Incident Management, Information Security Management

ISO/IEC 27035 - Incident Management

ISO/IEC 27035 explains basic concepts and different phases of information security incident management. This standard combines all of the concepts in a systematic manner for the detection, reporting, analyzing and prompt response regarding incidents and provides solutions.

The principles of ISO 27035 Standard are generic and can easily be applied to any type of organization. This standard is very flexible and customize able. Organizations can adjust its parameters as per their requirements and nature of work.

ISO 27035 helps in:

  • detecting, reporting and analyzing information security incidents
  • prompt response to incidents as soon as they occur
  • identifying and assessing vulnerabilities in information security management systems
  • continue improving information security based on lessons learnt.

ISO 27035 is a multi-part standard and helps large, medium and small sized organization. Smaller organizations can adopt basic principles and procedures while larger organizations can take advantage of this standard in full. Any sized organization can adopt this standard and can also customize its implication for managing information security incident

Key Stages ISO 27035

  • Prepare
  • Identify
  • Assess
  • Respond to incidents
  • Learn the lessons

Benefits of Incident Management

  • Improves information security
  • Reduces impact on ongoing business
  • Continuous focus on prevention of risky incidents
  • Improves quality of evidence and helps prioritization of actions
  • Contributes as per allowed budget and justify resources usage
  • Better Risk Management
  • More security awareness
  • Polished and reformed security policies and operational procedures.