Baldrige Criteria, Organizational Excellence, Performance Excellence, Assessment Factors of Baldrige Criteria

Baldrige Criteria

Malcolm Baldrige Criteria or Performance Excellence Program offers improvements in performance and helps being competitive in market. It was firstly introduced for organizations based in United States of America, but now is being used globally.
The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program focuses on customers while developing and disseminating evaluation criteria and also manages National Quality Award for Malcolm Baldrige. It promotes performance excellence and helps top tier management learning and sharing top class strategies, performance improving steps and principles leading to success.

Baldrige Criteria Key Factors


General and Professional Behavior evaluation of top level management towards company or organization and company's or organization's behavior towards its consumer base.

Strategic Planning

Examining how strategies are being planned and how well they are being implemented.

Customer Focus

Examining how an organization is determining it consumer's requirements and meeting up to their expectations while building a strong mutual relationship with them. It also focuses how new customers are being acquired and what steps are being taken to retain them.

Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management

Examining the management's performance, effective usage of available market tactics, analyzing the data and feedback to improve key processes and overall performance of organization.

Workforce Focus

Examining human resource related activities to further determine how the organization is using its work force at it full capacity and what is the response of work force to achieve objectives of the organization.

Process Management

Examining how support system is developed and how it is being used practically. It also helps to improve planning if optimal results are not being met.


Results are most important for any organization/company. This criteria examines carefully all the key aspects/processes of organization. These aspects/processes are likely but not limiting to customer's satisfaction, customer's relationship, financial value and its improvement, current market value, workforce utilization, performance of partners and suppliers, moral and social responsibilities.

Baldrige Criteria or Performance Excellence helps in achieving efficient human resource management, higher production, greated customer's relationship and satisfaction, increase in client's base and also increase in market value.