Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training, Organizational Excellence

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

The Green Belt training / certification of Lean Six Sigma provides participants with emphasized DMAIC Modal modal that help them improve their problem identifying and solving skills. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training/certification enables an employee to serve the organization as a professionally trained and highly skilled personnel.

Primary Tasks of Green Belt Trained Member

  • 1. Deploying Lean Six Sigma Methodology / Techniques Successfully.
  • 2. Improvements in their respective projects.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Benefits

  • Selecting project according to available skill set.
  • Define : Identification of the problem.
  • Measure : Examine the current problem and outline the process.
  • Analyze : Find out the real cause of the identified problem.
  • Improve: Finding the best solution and implementing it to improve the overall process.
  • Control : Maintain the newly discovered solution and keep controlling the process.