Measurement System Analysis, Organizational Excellence, Accuracy, Repeatability, Reproducibility, Stability, Traceability

Measurement System Analysis

Process, Operation & Organizational Excellence

Repeated measurement of same item while using different equipment or human being is called Measurement System Analysis or MSA. MSA is used to count the variations in measurement coming from measuring system rather than the product variations or process alterations. It also helps determining the methods of improving measuring system.

Measurement System Analysis assesses a measuring mechanism as follows.


When measured value has little differences as per the actual given value, it is called Accuracy.


When same person takes multiple measurements for the same product or item and gets constant result every time, it is called Repeatability.


When multiple people, tools or labs get the same results as you have got while measuring a specific item or aspect, it is called Reproducibility.


When measurements measured by one person varies slightly with the passage of time, it is called Stability.

Adequate Resolution:

When measuring instrument give at least 05 distinct values, while these values are within the preferred measured range, it is called Adequate Resolution.


In the business of trade or services, Traceability is an important part. Traceable measurements are usually gets same results as compared to non-traceable measurements. Traceability helps reducing retesting, rejection of optimal product(s) and acceptance of incomplete/malfunctioning products.