Statistical Process Control, Organizational Excellence

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Process, Operation & Organizational Excellence

Plant Processing Professionals use various statistical tools for their professional work. These tools are called Statistical Process Control (SPC). These tools are used to analyze the problems being faced during processing procedure and to offer their solution.

(SPC) refers to the use of statistical methods in the monitoring and maintaining of the processes and outcome of the processes.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) allows professionals to examine whether a process is being completed in an organized manner or not. It helps to monitor your processes, identify deviations from required standards and measure improvements, giving you the data you need for right decision making.

The core business that can take full advantage of Statistical Process Control are manufacturing business, chemical processing units, information management related businesses and service based applications. Product or steps can be varied time to time but the statistical analysis of the process remains consistent.

  • It can successfully identify errors at inspection.
  • It increases processing quality and production.
  • Improvements in customer's relationship.
  • Reduction in inspection costs.
  • Reduction in samples rejections thus saving material cost.
  • It lays down solid basis for achieving desired specifications.
  • Identification of bottlenecks in process.
  • Determining manufacturing process capability.
  • Understanding process and quality control.