Quality Management System

ISO 9001, Quality Management System

ISO 9001
Quality Management Standard

A process that prevents defects & losses by implementing better planning, applying industry proven practices at every step of business cycle is called "Quality Management System".

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ISO 12931, Performance Criteria for Authentication Solutions, Lean Six Sigma

ISO 12931
Performance Criteria for Authentication Solutions

In order to combat with piracy and counterfeiting of material goods, ISO 12931 - Performance Criteria for Authentication Solutions Standard (PCAS) is used.

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ISO 13053, Six Sigma Methodology

ISO 13053
Six Sigma Methodology

Six Sigma Methodology or DMAIC Methodology can help existing business processes and procedures by utilizing its core mechanism which consists: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.

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CAP 15189, Medical Laboratories Accreditation

CAP 15189
Medical Laboratories Accreditation Program

CAP stands for The College of American Pathologists, the largest association of pathologists. American Board of Pathology (ABP) certifies and monitors CAP. For laboratory quality assurance, CAP is accepted as a global leader.

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ISO 13485, Medical Devices Quality Management

ISO 13485
Medical Devices Quality Management System

ISO 13485 emphasizes on medical devices manufacturing industry's regulatory requirements. Medical Devices Quality Management System Standard focuses on risk factors and monitors the overall product development process.

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ISO 15189, Medical Laboratory Accreditation

ISO 15189
Medical Laboratory Accreditation

ISO 15189 pint points the requirements for competency assessment and quality assurance in medical laboratories. Medical laboratories use this accreditation to develop their quality management system and for accessing their competence.

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ISO 17020, Inspection Bodies Accreditation

ISO 17020
Inspection Bodies Accreditation

Proper implementation of ISO 17020 is very important for overall maintenance of machinery, plant, tools, infrastructure, processes and system itself. Inspection Bodies Accreditation, monitors technical competence of quality management system and provides guidelines to achieve consistent and accurate inspection processes.

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ISO 17024, Personnel Certification Bodies

ISO 17024
Personnel Certification Bodies Accreditation

ISO/IEC 17024:2012 : Conformity Assessment is also known as general requirements for Personnel Certification Bodies AccreditationIt sets a unanimous benchmark for certification programs to ensure that certification process remains consistent, relatively comparable and reliable globally.

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ISO 17025, Laboratory Accreditation

ISO 17025
Laboratory Accreditation

ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Accreditation Standard is for improving overall quality of a Laboratory. ISO 17025 fulfills the requirements of highly technical competence and management system thus ensuring your test results & calibrations are consistently accurate.

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ISO 17034, ISO/IEC 17034, Accreditation of Reference Material Producers, Quality Management System

ISO 17034
Accreditation of Reference Material Producers

In the process of validation, process measurement, quality control and calibration, Reference Materials (RMs) are used. Regulatory authorities and accreditation bodies also use ISO/IEC 17034:2016 - Accreditation of Reference Material Producers for the assessment of competency.

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Good Laboratory Practice - GLP

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

A set of principles used to ensure the quality, consistency, accuracy and integrity of a non clinical laboratories is called Good Laboratory Practices or GLP. These non clinical laboratories do the research and marketing work for the products regulated by the government.

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ISO 17065, Product Certification Bodies

ISO 17065
Product Certification Bodies Accreditation

ISO 17065 (ISO/IEC 17065) is a Product Certification Bodies Accreditation Standard. As the name says it loud and clear, this standard is for the bodies who are certifying the quality of a product.

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ISO 30301, Management System for Records

ISO 30301
Management System for Records

ISO 30301 helps organizations to implement Management System for Records (MSR). Organizations can achieve business efficiency with the help of MSR. This standard also makes organizations accountable for their services, increases continuity & consistency and also helps to manage risks.

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ISO 21500, Project Management

ISO 21500
Project Management

ISO 21500 is derived from ISO 10006 and provides guide lines for Project Management and is more comprehensive as compared to ISO 10006. ISO/IEC 21500 specifies concepts and processes that are needed for improving performance of projects.

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