CAP 15189, Medical Laboratories Accreditation Program, Quality Management System

CAP 15189 – Medical Laboratories Accreditation Program

CAP stands for The College of American Pathologists, the largest association of pathologists. American Board of Pathology (ABP) certifies and monitors CAP. For laboratory quality assurance, CAP is accepted as a global leader. The College of American Pathologists (CAP) promotes and demands high quality medical care at lowest possible cost. CAP offers ISO 15189 (Medical Laboratories Accreditation Program) accreditation services for medical laboratories to get accredited under ISO 15189 Medical Laboratories.

Benefits of CAP 15189 – Medical Laboratories Accreditation Program

  • Helps minimizing risk
  • Helps optimizing performance
  • Helps lowering costs
  • Proof of integrated quality management system (medical laboratory) being used in procedures.
  • Working under the experience supervision of certified board of pathologists
  • Assurance for Patients safety
  • Helps inspectors to inspect processes in detail
  • Evaluation of laboratories according to ISO 15189 Standard (CAP 15189)
  • Helps in creation and implementing of new policies, processes and routine procedures.
  • Ensuring accuracy and consistency in test results.