ISO 13053, Six Sigma Methodology, Quality Management System, DMAIC Methodology

ISO 13053 - Six Sigma Methodology / DMAIC Methodology

ISO 13053 - Six Sigma Methodology helps organizations to further improve their business processes and procedures. Variations in processes and procedures usually bring errors, produce defective products and increases waste. ISO 13053 utilizes statistical approach to identify bottlenecks in variations. Once identified, this standard helps minimizing the error rate and maximizing performance.

Six Sigma Methodology or DMAIC Methodology can help existing business processes and procedures by utilizing its core mechanism which consists: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. DMADV Methodology / Mechanism is also used for developing new services, products and procedures. DMADV consists of : Define, Measure, Analyze Design and Verify.

Six Sigma Methodology highly relies on statistical data. This statistical data improves business processes and quality performance. It has two main parts which are as under:

  • DMAIC Methodology
  • Tools and Techniques

Benefits of ISO 13053

  • Lowering cost, increase in profit
  • Makes a distinctive impact among other professionals
  • Improves quality performance
  • Dramatically revolutionizes business procedures
  • Helps reducing waste
  • Creates new job openings
  • Explores new business connections