ISO 17034, ISO/IEC 17034, Accreditation of Reference Material Producers, Quality Management System

ISO 17034 - Accreditation of Reference Material Producers

ISO 17034:2016 describes the requirements of competency for Reference Material Providers (RMP). In the process of validation, process measurement, quality control and calibration, Reference Materials (RMs) are used. Regulatory authorities and accreditation bodies also use ISO/IEC 17034:2016 - Accreditation of Reference Material Producers for the assessment of competency.

To ensure quality and consistency of reference materials, it is a must to demonstrate competence in a scientific and technical way. Reference Material Producers' Accreditation increases confidence of consumers in the competence of the producer. RMP Accreditation ensures that internationally accepted principles are being followed in production and labeling of products/materials

Benefits of ISO/IEC 17034 Accreditation

  • This standard recognizes and demonstrates the competence in the production of RMs
  • Reduce organizational costs
  • Increase in reliable results ratio
  • Gain in consumer market
  • Accreditation is proved to be effective in the marketing of Reference Material Products.
  • Certified reference materials (CRMs) and Reference Materials (RMs) are produced as per internationally recognized principles and suitable for consumer's intended use.
  • It provides opportunity to improve organizational efficiency