ISO 21500, ISO/IEC 21500, Project Management, Quality Management System

ISO 21500 (ISO/IEC 21500) - Project Management

ISO 21500 is derived from ISO 10006 and provides guide lines for Project Management and is more comprehensive as compared to ISO 10006.

ISO/IEC 21500 specifies concepts and processes that are needed for improving performance of projects. This standard guides how to deliver projects successfully and how to achieve sustainable future in the market. ISO 21500 can be used by any organization, whether it's governmental or private sector, or even a community based organization for any type of project. This standard does not depend upon Regions, Size, Infrastructure, Time Frame and Complexity of the organizations.

ISO/IEC 21500 significantly improves project management by ensuring on-time completion and delivery to clients. It also ensures that there are less interruptions during the development process which ultimately lowers the cost and increases productivity. Delivering projects on time and withing the budget helps other business processes to run smoothly.

Benefits of ISO 21500 (ISO/IEC 21500)

  • Improved and on time project delivery
  • Sharing processes and principles for projects
  • Transparent and better decision making
  • Improved performance
  • Opportunities of more jobs, more income
  • Improved efficiency and skills of team mates
  • Gain customer's confidence and positive reviews for organization