ISO 30301, Management System for Records, MSR, Quality Management System

ISO 30301 - Management System for Records (MSR)

Implementing and maintaining a management system not only improves operations of any organization but it also fulfills requirements of stakeholders. That's the reason a well crafted quality management system is a key factor for any business success. ISO 30301 helps organizations to implement Management System for Records (MSR). Organizations can achieve business efficiency with the help of MSR. This standard also makes organizations accountable for their services, increases continuity & consistency and also helps to manage risks.

ISO 30301:2011 helps an organization to honor its mandate, follow its mission, implement its strategy, and achieve its goals. It highlights issues in development and implementation of a records policy and objectives. It also provides information on measuring and monitoring performance.

Benefits of ISO 30301:2011 Management System for Records (MSR)

  • Increased efficiency
  • Contribution in policies development
  • Boost effectiveness
  • Implementation of best records practices
  • Help organization to preserve data and design better strategy based on analysis
  • Continued improvements