ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard,  ISO 9000, Quality Management System

ISO 9001 - Quality Management Standard

A process that prevents defects & losses by implementing better planning, applying industry proven practices at every step of business cycle is called "Quality Management System".

ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard is applicable from initial stage of designing/planning and remains effective during advanced stages. This standard makes end product compatible and up to the benchmarks accepted globally and also by the consumer market.

Quality Management System outlines the basic rules and general criteria for manufacturing, servicing or other organizations and helps them to be up to the mark and expectations every time.

Properly implemented Quality Management System, can predict outcome of organization's internal processes. It helps organizations to standardize their processes and procedures to get consistent and optimal results every time. If applied effectively, it increases customers' satisfaction, improve and organize internal processes, enhancing consistency and more business form consumer market.

ISO 90001 Quality Management Standard is an internationally recognized generic program. It's not bound to a specific product or procedure or service, which makes it more flexible. Due to its flexibility, it can be applied to any sort of company / organization.

This standard doesn't guide individuals or organizations regarding how they should run their business or manage their services, rather it is a key tool for improving and achieving consistency and efficiency withing the business processes and procedures.

Benefits of ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard

  • Being ISO 9001 Certified is becoming more important now a days. Most of the companies like to do business with ISO 90001 Certified suppliers/vendors.
  • QMS can save time and money, because it can standardize processes and work flow.
  • QMS helps winning customer's satisfaction and increases profit as it's implementation brings consistency which helps controlling defects and losses.
  • QMS certified companies win more tenders, have more confidence which helps expanding their business