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Quality Management Activities Outsourcing

Sometimes a Quality Manager doesn't have enough time or capability or resources to coordinate with other departments while focusing on his own responsibilities. There are also chances that a medium and small sized company don't need a full time on board Quality Manager because of less work load. Furthermore business owners, directors and managers have to focus on their core assignments, therefore, to support such businesses "Cesium Company" provides trained professional to manage Quality Management Activities. The service also includes system maintenance plan for agreed period of time.

System Maintenance Plan May Include the Following

  • Better and on time coordination with head of the department and managers.
  • Monitoring internal audits.
  • Better documents management
  • In-depth data analysis
  • Managerial Reviews
  • Guidance for internal auditors based on analysis
  • Focus on Quality Management System and suggestions to further improve it

Benefits of Quality Management Activities Outsourcing

  • Management gets more time to concentrate on their core rules
  • Improvements in Quality Management System
  • QMS information is always up-to-date for the accreditation body assessors and auditors
  • Quality Manager enjoys benefits of Continual Professional Development at no extra cost
  • Colleagues gain more knowledge of best quality practices
  • Costs are fixed (and low as compared to full time Quality Manager)