ISO 50001, Energy Management System, EMS

ISO 50001 - Energy Management System (EMS)

ISO 50001 - Energy Management System (EMS) uses globally recognized methodology of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This standard has global reputation for efficiently managing energy for industrial, commercial, governmental, private sector and housing societies. This standard is being used all over the world for saving energy, reducing costs, less carbon emission and making environment green.

ISO 50001 establishes and implements an effective Energy Management System (EMS). It also maintains and improves existing system (if there is any). It's systematic approach helps in achieving continual improvement of less energy consumption which not only saves valuable money but also helps making the environment clean and green.

ISO 5001 training helps manager(s) or trained professional(s) to arrange or conduct audits for conserving energy and adopting new techniques to save more energy, reduce cost and be more environment friendly.

ISO 50001 Benefits

  • Helps in developing and effective policy
  • Assign targets and set goals as per newly implemented policy
  • Get statistical data to understand energy usage
  • In-Depth Analyses
  • Implementation of policy, regular audits and review
  • Continual improvements results in efficient energy management system